We encourage the engagement of creating handicrafts among the children such as paintings, pens, books, and souvenirs to be sold in the Majlis Jamuan Amal dan Majlis Jamuan Kanak-kanak Spastik. Profits from the sale will be directed to PHKKS Welfare Fund to finance all expenditures. In transitioning our older recipients of age 18 years old into employment, PHKKS also has provided secure jobs for their future. Furthermore, PHKKS has been making effort to allocate jobs such as tailoring, carpentry building of basic products, handicrafts, food preparation programs, and computer maintenance for those who are less fortunate, such as adolescents with mental retardation and physical disabilities. Throughout the program, PHKKS will also prepare allowance for them. We want them to believe that their circumstances do not hinder them from having a taste of life and being able to adapt to world changes.


Study tours to historic sites, waterfront, zoo, recreational areas, capital city attractions and such are held regularly for our community. PHKKS allocates sufficient funds to finance their activity requirement in terms of transportation, food and residence for the children and their family members.


Each year, we manage festivities and celebrations such as Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Christmas Day, and National Day to be celebrated together with the less fortunate. We seek to foster the spirit of togetherness and unity of all races among our family here in the community, and also to commemorate each one of us to share with the less fortunate and be grateful. Thus, PHKKS often collects donations for the purpose of buying their new clothes, festive cakes, cooking materials, pocket money, duit raya, and also for a banquet dinner for the children in hopes to bring them more joy.


Annual Sports and Children’s Day celebration is celebrated every year in October/November. PHKKS allocates funds to finance the annual sporting events such as the Paralympic sports, cross country, soccer, treasure hunt, telematch games, performances, and a variety of other events.


PHKKS also organises various activities such as spiritual classes, awareness campaigns, and counselling for their families. Every parent and guardians of the children with special needs are also invited to participate along with our staff.