Our Vision & Mission

To become a recognized welfare home that is able to provide safer and better facilities and healthcare services for the disabled.

To assist the disabled to organise their daily activities systematically and with confidence.
To provide adequate, healthy and balanced diet for the disabled.
To educate the community in developing effective communication to interact with the disabled on a mutual platform.

Action Plan

  • ASSISTING THE CARETAKERS – We help the guardians of the disabled in monetary and spiritual ways. Many guardians find it difficult to earn monetary support since the disabled under their care at home needs attention. Moreover, some of them have to work to earn extra money to finance the medical needs of the disabled and other expenses. Therefore, it has long been brought to our attention that these guardians need our support to ensure a happier and quality life of their children.
  • ORGANISING COMMUNITY EVENTS – We organise community events for welfare purposes for the disabled and needy. Our events have received invaluable support from non-profit organisations (NPOs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs, also known as civil society organisations), and student movements. These events are hoped to bring our small community and the larger part of the society together in support of one another.
  • FUNDRAISING – We are continuously searching for sponsorships and donations from community leaders, influential figures, and kind-hearted individuals in order to provide the disabled with a more supportive environment to their needs (as enshrined in the Organisation Constitution of PHKKS, registered under the Registrar of Societies (RoS) Ministry of Home Affairs).
  • ORGANISING ACTIVITIES FOR THE DISABLED – We provide the disabled (physically abnormal, scoliosis, Down Syndrome, slow learner, etc.) with physical exercise, therapy, education (primary and pre-school), soft skills, technical skills, and community aids in ensuring that they lead an active and independent lifestyle.
  • NURTURING THE WELFARE AWARENESS – It is our intention to instill social awareness within the heart of our society to enhance their acceptance towards the disabled community. We also believe that it is our responsibility to make the step to have the disabled accepted and feel belonged.
  • DEVELOPING ESSENTIAL QUALITIES – We hope to nurture these individuals to become better coordinated in the most impactful way possible. Training and educating the disabled to attain decent behaviour, to polish their communication skills, improve physical and social development, create beneficial hobbies, and develop positive thinking are part of our effort to instill progression and development in their lives.