Services and goods offered at no cost or at a discounted rate are extremely valuable and are greatly appreciated.

In-kind contributions include computers, furniture, office equipment, art supplies, mineral water, and food supplies such as white rice, biscuits, cooking oil, cordials, and powdered milk. Anyone with professional skills such as graphic designing and photography are welcome to contribute their expertise.

“Collage making, drawing, and crafting are among the best activities favoured by the children; thanks to individuals who donate colour pencils, art papers, water colours, and used items for crafting. We also welcome any individuals who would want to sponsor art and crafts utilities for the children use.”

“Our volunteers depend very much on the donated books and teaching aids given by compassionate individuals and organisations to organise activities for the children. Having several new items in the home would definitely bring joy to them and the others!”


Write to us an email if you would like to contribute any of the listed services and/or goods.